Friday, November 27, 2020

Money Cheapens Everything

Money cheapens everything.  When an effort is undertaken for an appreciation or an enjoyment of the effort or given task at hand, the endeavor seems pure and true.  However, when the effort or task at hand is being completed for any pecuniary gain, monies paid only cheapen the effort.  Because, with the exchange of money, the effort or task is then likely being completed for the sake of the money to be earned and no longer being performed for a mere enjoyment of the task itself.

That is to say, once the matter becomes about any money received for performing the effort as opposed to merely an appreciation of performing the effort, then the effort typically becomes more about the money involved and less about the culmination of the effort.  While exceptions to any general rule may exist, the exchange of money makes any effort less pure and arguably somewhat unseemly and possibly even less rewarding.  And I am aware that these words of money cheapening everything could be seen from other perspectives, if not an economic rule of a different meaning 

Nevertheless, in a nutshell, when doing something for money, the thing quickly becomes about the money, and maybe not so much about the thing getting done. 

AVT (November 2020)




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