Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Something Different Soon

Something different this way soon cometh. 

AVT  (June, 2015)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Women Set the Tone

Women set the tone for society.  


Women set the tone for society.  This is a fact of which I have long been aware.  What’s more, any number of examples could be shown to support this statement.  For instance, in most of nature the male of the species often acts in any particular way to attract a female (for procreation or whatever).  So why should humans be all so different in this regard?  As such, in a free society the female then essentially dictates the behavior of the male – be the dictation subliminal, overt, or however the message is actually transmitted.  Given that the female dictates what type of behavior is seen as becoming to her, again, the male likely then will tend to act in that manner if he desires to become more attractive to that female regardless of any end-goal.  And in this context, by ‘tone for society,’ I mean what is acceptable behavior or the prevailing attitude in that society or way of life.  Therefore, the women tend to set what I describe as the ‘tone for society.’

Also worth noting and often seeming to occur in the more close-minded parts of the world, societies that relegate their women to a lesser class of person or denigrate their women to being somewhat sub-human are never perceived as being ‘cool’ by the rest of the world – with the rest of the world tending to respect women as fellow individuals, at a minimum.  In other words, societies that subjugate women to being second-class citizens and maybe try to control any natural selection in procreation, or societies that dislike/distrust women in general, or simply attempt to force the issue overall – so to speak, surely seem somewhat ignorant of the rules of nature as well.  This sentiment directed towards those ‘un-cool’ societies and emanating from the societies which respect women as individuals is because those ‘un-cool’ societies that denigrate women probably are not very ‘cool’ as a whole.  Typically it seems that those societies are ‘un-cool’ because those societies are usually not very tolerant of others who are different in general – and, hence, further display the ignorance which is likely the norm for any respective ‘un-cool’ society which treats its women as any bit sub-human.  That same ignorance displayed by those ‘un-cool’ societies is likely the same basis by which those societies are judged to be ‘un-cool’ by the rest of the world.

This viewpoint of being ‘un-cool’ regarding societies which denigrate their women is another fact of which I have long been aware.  Mind you, I’m not really trying to make any political statement with this blog entry or necessarily change the world.  As an observer, I’m just sayin’. 

AVT  (June, 2015)

See / from:

1. awesome
2. popular; like in a social hierarchy
3. used when a conversation goes silent
4. nice
5. wicked (new england stlye [sic], NOT evil= wicked)
6. good or great
7. not warm, but not cold
8. okay with each other, not mean to each other, but not necessarily nice, just not mean

1. That new bike is cool.
2. That kid Andrew is really cool.
3. SILENCE..........That's cool.
4. He gave me his lunch when i forgot mine; he's really cool.
5. Thats [sic] cool new.
6. A. You were cool in Halo 2.
6. b. That sandwich looks cool.
7. My ice-cream is cool.
8. After the arguement [sic], Bill asked Andrew, "We cool?", and Andrew replied, "Ya, we cool."

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thanks for the Problems.

It seems to me that it may also be appropriate to be thankful for the trials and tribulations of life as well as any opportunities or successes.  In addition to helping to build personal strength, maybe the challenges in life help to remind us that we are alive. 

AVT  (April 8th, 2015)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Analog Logic in a Digital World.

Analog logic in a digital world!

AVT (March, 215)