Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stairway of Life, A Sestina

The first step on the Stairway of life is Knowledge
The next step on this Stairway of being is Truth
Building upon and requiring the first two steps is Justice
After realizing the third, the fourth step is Enlightenment
Though not reached by most is the level of Revelations
And finally, the highest step is displayed by Rapture

Rebirth is made possible by conscious Rapture
Life in all its glory reflects collected Knowledge
Wisdom is fortified by mindful Revelations
Introspect, however, is founded upon Truth
Kindness reveals an amount of Enlightenment
Strength derives true power by a quest for Justice

Perseverance is required to attain meaningful Justice
Solitude is generally a prerequisite for Rapture
Compassion is often generated by Enlightenment
Learning may often lead to Knowledge
Endurance comes from struggles discerning Truth
Priorities are usually created by significant Revelations

Empowerment can result from reviewing Revelations
Cleanliness of lifestyle roots in absolute Justice
Momentary can be the glimpse of Truth
Reassurance is offered by passing Rapture
Lasting is the leverage of meaningful Knowledge
Fleeting could be unrecognized Enlightenment

Blindness of thought shows absence of Enlightenment
Ignorance of intellect has not any Revelations
Nothingness of spirit is a pit without Knowledge
Desperation of intent reflects a void of Justice
Life of enjoyment is only half lived with no Rapture
All that is amounts for not lacking any Truth

Openness of heart comes to us from Truth
Generosity, however, comes through Enlightenment
Rejuvenation of essence is presented by Rapture
Goals for living are made available through Revelations
Dignity of courage is typically derived from Justice
Empathy for others results from Knowledge

So as it has been shown, Rapture can not manifest without Truth
As should be known, Knowledge can lead oneself to Enlightenment
And, if one truly seeks Revelations they must quest for Justice

Adam Trotter / AVT

Enlightenment, A Sonnet of Sorts

One must wonder why we endure and toil
Visions of gold persist with no clear end
Recent Divine visits to a close friend
Burns truth despite learned blinders of foil
Offers Knowledge clear as oceans of oil
Culture diverts most needs while wants transcend
Presence persists while the morals do bend
Misled leaders proclaim deny the soil

Road signs and the airwaves are clear to show
There He was seen on a recent visit
While most inquire through eyes broken with doubt
There Truth was for any seeking to know
Answers came forth were shown and still emit
Though most merely wander to and about

To be aware of the Divine in kind
Learning only comes to open clear minds

AVT / Adam Trotter

Life: A Team Effort?

April 11th, 2010

Is a happy life a team effort as opposed to a competition to a desired end? Surely it makes sense that a happy life is dependent on our family, friends, and peers. However, much of our modern life seems to erroneously teach us that, in general, peers are often competitors to any desired end. Could such a misguided outlook be a reason that unhappiness appears so abundant to many these days? Just asking.....

Adam Trotter / AVT

Where is It?

January 6th, 2010

When one seeks That which may complete themself, they should not forget to look in the most unlikely of places to find It. It might just be there.

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California Night Rides with Celestial Guides

Palos Verdes under a Worm moon and Mars
Or The Ortega Highway with only Venus and stars.

Either route can make for an enjoyable ride
But be willing to let the heavens act as your guide.


Dancing Joshua Trees Under a Blue Moon for the New Year and New Decade

Dec. 31st, 2009

To begin the new decade and the New Year and to say goodbye to the last, the metaphysical powers-that-be have given us a blue moon to mark the event. If you happen to be anywhere near the region where the Mohave Desert meets and mingles with the Colorado Desert in the southwestern United States, beware of the tribes of dancing Joshua trees and the huge clusters of partying rocks. It has been said that in this mystical and magical region of the earth that the Joshua trees and the rocks seem to animate themselves and come-to-life under a full moon. After all, the early settlers passing through this region didn’t name these trees after a person for no reason, let alone that person being their prophet. So, given it is a no less a blue moon for the passing of the decade, one would think that if the rocks and Joshua trees were to ever come to life, such would happen on this cusp of calendar years that we will call New Years Eve 2010. I hope to be given the chance to blog more on this subject in the decade to follow. And, I hope that we are all here in good health to enjoy life and my blog in the new decade as well. :)



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Ode to the Merritt Parkway

October 10th, 2009

Under a full moon and patchy fog,
Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway inspired me to blog,
Of my experiences enroute to the Neck of the Throgs.

Be wary of the standing deer within inches of the road,
And hope the weather is not freezing nor has it recently snowed,
Because down into a ditch this parkway will quickly throw.

Above all else this road will save you time,
Though the on-coming high beams may make you blind,
Avoiding interstate ninety-five allows continuing your rhymes.