Friday, June 4, 2010

A Perplexing Dichotomy for the Modern Age: Money as Worth?

June 4th, 2010

A perplexing dichotomy that often presents itself is the issue of the intrinsic and personal value of money in the modern era. On one hand, money is worth all including worth itself. It seems money can buy nearly anything one desires. However, on the other hand, money isn't worth anything - as it typically has no true or real value. And, generally, what can be bought with money has no real value in the grander scheme of life either - as what is usually most desired can not be purchased. So, I wonder which of the opposing hands is the Right one?

Adam Trotter / AVT


  1. This is not a dichotomy. One cannot "buy" anything without money. Can you buy the most desired things in life? Absolutely. You can buy "love" just maybe a different kind of love. You can "buy" a family, just not your biological family. Your generalizations are funny. "what can be bought with money has no real value in the grander scheme of life." This is a silly statement. Everything you need in life at a base level must be bought. Even the seed that grows your food has a price.

  2. Yea? Cool. Thanks for your comment, Jumbo Jet, it is also a bit funny. :)

    You dont think one can pay for something with anything other than money? Have you ever heard of bartering or the barter system, for example? Also, I've never been able to buy love, or family - maybe you could explain to us all how it is done? If everything at the base level must be purchased, how did mankind survive before there was money, say in the stone ages and/or other prehistorical times?

    Also, maybe you could explain the intrinsic value of money to us all, then? The dollar is ultimately more than paper to you and gold and silver are more than metals from the ground in your world? How long do they keep such value? Was not aluminum also thought to be the most valuable substance when it was first discovered? Additionally, is not the dollar now merely a fiat dollar?

    Well, anyway, we can chalk it all up to poetic license and semantics, maybe? Sorry for the delay in replying. Looking forward to hearing from you again - should you still be out there. :)