Thursday, August 28, 2014

Practicing Unsaintly Compassion

I ain’t claiming to be no saint or nothing, but…

Compassion seems to be quickly becoming a practice of a by-gone era, if not one of antiquity.  The showing of compassion to others for any outward human frailties and even mistakes of the other – regardless of magnitude, will rarely cause any further injury to anyone.  Conversely, any kindness or compassion displayed to others for whatever the reason will surely enrich those that bring this realm forward through any such practice of displaying it.  There would seem to be no possibility of serious mistakes when practicing in this regard of showing any amount of compassion to others.

Adam V. Trotter (August 27th, 2014)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life and Death for the Middle Aged.

If I’m not merely stating the obvious, it seems maybe one of the tricks to life is to deal with living and not to worry about dying.  So, rather than foregoing any day-to-day dealings of life to instead worry about any impending death, maybe we should enjoy the day-to-day dealings of life and not worry about death – within reason, of course.  This obviously would make since when phrased as ‘why take any time given to oneself and waste that time worrying about when there is to be no more time’ – at least as far as anyone can verify and regardless of whether such a phrase concerning ‘no more time’ is definitively or inherently accurate, which would be somewhat irrelevant to my point.  With the point of this blog entry again being to enjoy life and living and don’t unnecessarily waste valuable time worrying about death and dying, particularly not to be worrying about one’s own death.  In my opinion, we would be better served to endeavor towards productive goals with our time and preferably through pastimes that we enjoy as well.  I suppose maybe everyone comes to this conclusion to varying degrees, sooner or later.

AVT (August, 2014)


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goal Setting.

Goal-setting is where it’s at.  Make it a good one for all concerned. 

AVT  (August, 2014)


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