Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behaving Poorly Typically Causes Others to Respond in Kind.

When One Behaves Poorly, Such Conduct Likely Causes/Enables the Same Behavior In Others With Whom He/She Interacts.

For instance in dealings between a parent and a child:

Parents enable children's temper-tantrums when the parent loses his/her temper with the child.

Or, in general:

People enable the temper-tantrums of others when they lose their own temper with another who is prone to such behavior.


Explanation in the case of a parent and a child, if necessary.
Typically, when a child becomes upset or enraged, they want to lash out against the source of their frustration which is often a parent. When, in response to the child’s enraged behavior, the parent also [further] loses his/her temper and also becomes enraged or was of such a mind-set initially and such anger becomes compounded, then the child has successfully accomplished his/her likely goal of trying to get the parent upset as well in response to any scolding (or whatever).

So, when losing one’s temper with a child which consequently causes the child to become upset, the child will attempt to also cause the parent to become even more upset. It’s sort of a downward spiral type of thing with the negative energy feeding upon itself. Therefore, when conversing with or scolding a child, the parent should not lose his/her temper, because such a loss of rational control by the parent will only likely make the child respond by trying to upset the parent further as well.


AVT (February, 2011)

For Rain, Ice and Snow, Travel 'Heavy-Jumbo' !!

When the weather brings rain, ice or snow,
Travel in a fashion I call ‘Heavy-Jumbo.’

When you’re shoveling snow don't hesitate,
To throw it in the truck bed for extra weight.

If you have no truck bed, not to worry,
A tank of gas will work in a hurry.

To drive in inclement weather don’t waiver,
An increased normal force makes it safer.

The force of friction is what we desire,
This force increases as weight gets higher.

Traveling ‘Heavy-Jumbo’ will help, in deed,
But nevertheless, best to slow your speed.

So if you are deluged with rain, ice, or snow,
If needing to drive, travel ‘Heavy-Jumbo’!

Adam Trotter / AVT (February, 2011)

(Edited March, 2023 to include "rain.")

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Life is a Gift…

Life is a precious gift - don’t waste it. Do something productive everyday!

AVT (February, 2011)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway….. (Rearranged Lines: “Miami 2017,” B. Joel)

I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway….
They said that Queens could stay…
And blew the Bronx away..
And sank Manhattan out at sea!

They held a concert out in Brooklyn,
To watch the island bridges blow.
And life went on beyond the Palisades.
That was so many years ago!


(Rearranged Lines: “Miami 2017,” B. Joel)
AVT - Feb., 2011

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Billy Joel - Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)


On Giving Advice...

Funny how we as humans can be so prophetic and quick to give good advice to others and yet, at the same time, we can be just as quick to disregard and seemingly unable to apply the same good advice in our own dealings.

AVT (February, 2011)

On Philandering/Cheating Politicans.....

If any politician is unwilling to honor any sacred vow to a spouse while they are in office, what other vows might they decide not to honor?

AVT (February, 2011)

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