Monday, November 18, 2013

Vanishing Light High in the Night Sky

I saw a night star that appeared slowly in motion.
Upon pointing it to another they disagreed.
It then got smaller and there seemed a commotion.
It disappeared into space, was it cosmic debris?

I know things in night orbit can often reflect the sun.
But here to there they typically go through the sky.
This light was going away simply until it was none.
Should I mention it to others or merely accept to deny?

So I wondered if we were wrong in our Assessment.
The disappearing lights seemed higher than any seen.
Could the lights been a craft flown by a government?
It all appeared twinkling and like a star in its sheen.

As we watched on, in an instant… the lights were gone.
As if it saw our face…, then it headed to outer space. 

AVT  (Nov 14th, 2013)

A question to NASA regarding 'live' video from outer space, or lack thereof, I thought you might like...

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