Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dream of Apocalypse

I had a dream of the apocalypse.
I know it’s bizarre, but I did.
Caesars’ armies viciously returning from the dead.
Pale, mean, gigantic with large horns from their heads.

Everywhere horrific demons flew menacingly from the clouds.
As pitiful victims momentarily managed to scream aloud.

The Catholic Church was packed with well-clad dignitaries.
No others were welcome, the masses cried and went out to die.

A long-ago friend was flayed, quickly shaken from his skin.
The demon then had lunch, as we witnesses all cringed.

The armies and demons were ruthless without relent.
Screams and sounds were deafening and omnipresent.
As all sought shelter and attempted to quickly repent. 
The demons seemed not to notice to whence I went.
So horrific was the spectacle that I soon awoke.
And to this day, I doubt the carnage was but a joke.
To that end, of the hellish visions I have never spoke.

Never before, never since has the dream recurred.
Time may yet tell, unable to sleep since it occurred. 

AVT  (A Challenging May, of 2016)


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