Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Facebook: Repent, Vent, and Experiment.

To Repent.

In the seventies I asked a clergyman how one repents
Through the end of the nineties I cared not what it meant.

In recent years I gave the concept another look
Lo and behold appeared the channel of Facebook.

To Vent.

Now when topics boil and wrongs come to mind
Quelling not the anger we then vent and post in kind.

By our words forward forever our wits spew
Thanks be to Facebook for a potent method and venue.

To Experiment.

In periods of doubt to find where goes what went
Such times seem to call for unscientific experiments.

With ill-planned thoughts and deft communiqu├ęs
Facebook shows realities of sentiments and their ways.



Be it for verse or be it a curse, never knowing which is worse.
With minimal terse, Facebook seems to immerse a mighty fat purse.

Be it for sinners or be it for winners, unaware which is thinner.
A modern-day staple, Facebook enables the mainstream dinner table.

Adam V. Trotter / AVT (November, 2010)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Electronic Devices As a Source of Frustration?

Often it seems that our modern electronic gadgets and devices are more a source of potential frustration than they could ever be of usefulness.

AVT (November, 2010)