Friday, June 18, 2010

The ‘Captain’ Likes Trucks !

As I sped down the expressway, along came complete surprise.
‘Cause gazing up at the big truck I clearly saw His omnipotent eyes.
His eyes met mine, He gave a nod, a wave, and threw a big smile.
As I zoomed away into the dark night at eighty-five hours a mile.

Initially, I could barely believe what had just transpired.
Though surely I recall never having felt so inspired.
Why so clear that our eyes met squarely through the dark.
For many a day after my brake stayed emergently on park.

His truck was most impressive, shiny, humble, righteously sleek.
Clearly one could tell, He enjoyed traveling alongside the meek.
Despite sensible doubt, from the onset I knew this was Him.
And for the decade to follow I would set out to make amend.

How it was that He visited me during my frolic with the night.
That I also viewed Him surely mandated the requisite of Right.
Why He came to me and chose to converse, I can’t really say.
All I really know is that it was in the most awesome of ways!

So it is with this preface that I tell of this encounter to you.
Be proper, kind, and just, and to you this may also come true.
If you are seeking…, the ‘Captain’ might drive up and appear.
Forsake nothing, look to find, and remember to shift the gear.

Adam Trotter / AVT
June, 2010