Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wild Birds of a New England Winter.

Cardinals strut proud, the starlings irreverent.
Sparrows and doves nearly always present.

Though no jays have crashed the parties,
The severe winter has made all quite hardy.

We gave them food which brought them here.
Yet there seems something more, it’s kind’a weird.

While I thought it was I observing the groups,
The birds appear intrigued by me on the stoop.

The many birds forever seem to stare at me.
Maybe it’s our thrown seed of which they feed?

Maybe the snow has them completely bored?
Yet it seems I am the birds’ eye-candy lore.

From the bare privets they stare appearing content.
While I stare back watching which of them went.

A variety of winter birds pay me a daily visit.
Why any affinity, I don’t know, what is it?

AVT (March, 2011)

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