Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Could Jessamine be wrought for a goal,
And if this aim were made as officinale.

Hence would seem be openly want,
Surveys could then be relayed to jant.

If credit were due let it be fruiticans,
Such might benefit everyone’s plans.

Now if merely providing you speak,
In minds of gold would seem as weak.

Acquaintances decide abort must seek?
Some Abettors discern amongst meek.

Reveal evil trials to offer restored Truth.
Truth revived over turns the errant root.

If mistaken then let destiny be so valued.
Though aims to help others also help you.

Happenstance emits life’s perfume to offend.
Brave efforts flower rightly endeavored ends.

Many abrogate doors ajar gee Crabbe.
As Truth revolts outside those trapped.

Riddles entwined vary observed letters tell.
Another nobody in homesteads cell,
Riddles intentions gathers history to spell.

Jessamine united so truth in common elicits,
Flowers require ether ethics daylight or mist.

Adam Trotter / AVT (March, 2011)

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