Monday, December 20, 2010

Learning Karma Through Doors

Under a new moon and amidst a biting winter cold,
Doors seem to be perplexing my mind and my soul.

Many doors won’t close and yet others refuse to open,
Some hold warmth and others seem only to box hope in.

Are faulty doors a warning to stay warm and safe inside,
Or a draw to face unknowns through the cold from which I hide?

Are higher powers speaking through passageway happenstances,
Or is this merely a result of physics and poorly stacked tolerances?

Is this the future calling which I would prefer to hold at bay,
Or is this my past that simply and forever refuses to go away?

Is Karma offering clues from beyond the great unknown?
Maybe I’ll figure it out before becoming too agedly grown.

Despite doubts I leap with faith over thresholds unseen,
Lest always I wonder what is and what would never have been.

AVT (December, 2010)

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