Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Ice and Snow, Travel 'Heavy-Jumbo' !!

When the winter brings ice and snow,
Travel in a fashion I call ‘Heavy-Jumbo.’

When you’re shoveling snow do not hesitate,
To throw it in the truck bed for extra weight.

If you have no truck bed, do not worry,
A load in the trunk will work in a hurry.

To drive in inclement weather don’t waiver,
An increased normal force makes it safer.

The force of friction is what we desire,
This force increases as weight gets higher.

Traveling ‘Heavy-Jumbo’ will help, in deed,
But nevertheless best to slow your speed.

So if you are deluged with ice and snow,
If needing to drive, travel ‘Heavy-Jumbo’!

Adam Trotter / AVT (February, 2011)

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