Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Secretive Truths

Once an entity appears to care more for the secrets it keeps than the entity cares for the revealing of truth in any given situation, at that point in time nothing the entity states is generally perceived as truthful by anyone.  This is especially so when the truth that was withheld could affect the safety and well-being of others from whom the truth is kept.  When this scenario comes to pass, it seems that nearly any amount of innuendo, hearsay, or pretextual fabrications about that untruthful entity can no longer be dismissed out-of-hand, regardless of how outlandish are any such claims about that potentially untruthful entity.  Again, this would be so because that seemingly untruthful entity then no longer would be perceived as truthful upon its denial of any outlandish claims to the contrary.  

AVT (December, 2014)

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