Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Universe and Geometric Chattel

Be The Big Bang a boulevard to The Big Crunch,
Might I suggest…
We ride Wormholes and have Dark Matter for brunch.

If this road turns outward and coldly less dense….
We’d likely best aspire to play as Einstein’s friends.
But if the route veers inward and shows no saddle…
Maybe we’re better off to remain as Euclid’s chattel.

For if all is, in fact, four dimensional or hyperbolic…
Then relativity may be worthy time-consuming frolic.
But if shown the universe be more dense and spherical…
Then I, for one, would likely prefer to remain satirical.

While this poem can’t account for unknown singularities,
Its intent is more one of indefinite thought and hilarity.

Adam Trotter / AVT (September, 2010)

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